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Window Tint!!!

Our tint specialist are equipped with a state of the art window film cutting machine, that handles precision cutting customized to every vehicle.

Keep the inside of your car cooler and more private with window tinting. Let our expert technicians provide you with quality window tinting that will make your car look great, while keeping your ride private. We can do most standard five window vehicles for $99 + tax. Please call, email, or message us on Facebook to schedule your appointment. Tint removal is extra.

Prices starting at $225.00 + tax

Premium Package

  • A dyed-metal, hybrid construction
  • Charcoal, bronze and blue options that enhance the look of vehicles
  • Superior heat rejection and glare reduction for added comfort
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Supreme Package

  • A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative carbon technology
  • Non-reflective black color that will not fade
  • Great solar performance with advanced UV protection
  • No metal layers, there for no intererence with vehicle system electronics or cell phone.

Xtreme Package

  • The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, carbon xp advanced technology
  • Non-reflective, O.E. black color finish that will not fade
  • Superior heat infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort
  • Signal enabling technology to not interfere with vehicle system electronics or cell phone
  • Lifetime warranty